Vitae Soaps – Rescuing the fundamentals

According to researchers, Ebers papyrus (Egypt, 1550BC) reveal that ancient Egyptians bathed regularly and used the combination of animal and plant oils with alkaline salt to produce a soap-like substance with aromatic oils, not only for washing their bodies, but also as important medical cure for skin sores and diseases.
The industrial revolution introduced mass produced soaps bringing into them many poisoning substances which have been contributing to cause skin irritation and other harmful effects on the skin instead of being a benefit. I formulate Vitae Soaps to rescue the fundamentals of handmade soaps.

I formulate Vitae Soaps to address specific skin needs using raw, pure, unrefined, unprocessed oils and butters, extracted by cold pressed method form organically grown plants, free on any lab-made cosmetic grade dyes, such mica (²) and dioxide or synthetic fragrances. I reject refined oils of any kind as the unsaponifiable matter of the oil is destroyed by either chemicals or heat. Each and every one soap I formulate is unique in all aspects since the ingredients I use until the intended use for that soap.

Vitae Soaps never contain irritating ingredients such mica and oxides,  synthetic fragrances and go beyond the ordinary basic palm-coconut- sunflower-canola-soy formula, with no therapeutic value.

Vitae Organic Soaps bases contain just three to four high quality, edible  ingredients for moisturizing, nourishing and healing, produce lather to cleanse and for texture.  To the base are added essential oils, clays and/or powdered herbs.

The color of Vitae Organic Soaps are achieved by using unrefined oils such raw buriti and annato oils (all shades of orange and yellows), acai, avocado, green coffee oil ungurahua oil ( all shades of green), Kombo and Uccuba butter (all shades of brown), alkanet root powder (shades of purple), clays and powdered herbs which besides the colors, add also the healing properties of the ingredient used.

Vitae Soaps are intended to remove impurities from the skin, which can cause unpleasant odors, wash away microorganism that can cause infection and must also make the skin supple nourished, hydrated and healthy. This was the fundamental on which handmade soap making was based. This is the fundamental I intend to pass along with each and every soap I create.