Organically Grown/Wild-Harvested Unrefined Kokum Butter
unrefined kokum butter

Organically Grown/Wild-Harvested Unrefined Kokum Butter

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16oz (1lb)

  • Color/Scent: light to medium brown with gray speckles with a faint earthy smell
  • Packaging: 4 to 8 oz: White HDPE FDA Compliant Jar. 16 oz and over  Foil Gusseted Bag
  • Attribute: Cold Pressed/ Unrefined/Wild-Harvested
  • Shelf Life: 1 year AP
  • Melting point: 38/40C/100/104F.
  • Texture: Dry, chalky, soft brittle at room temperature
What is Kokum Butter:

All of us who make these gorgeous wholesome skin and bath products sometimes find limitations with the few variety of butters, as well as the difficulty finding the unrefined butters we so much love. We here at Celebratio Vitae are always on search of new butters to be able to create new whole products.

We have been searching for a supplier of raw, unrefined Kokum butter for a long time and finally found a supplier of a wonderful Kokum Butter, and I have to tell you, we are so much in love with it.

Kokum, "Kokam" or Goa butter. Butter  is obtained from kernel of mangosteen, the fruit of the Kokum (Garcinia Indica) or "Kokam" tree. Our Raw, Unrefined Kokum butter comes from Western Ghat,  region where Kokum trees are most abundant in India. There, Kokum trees grown wild in the forests and wild-lands where no chemical fertilizers, pesticides can reach.

The Kokum fruits  are bought from collection centers organized by tribal people & villagers, and the butter is extracted by a small familiar company using the traditional way: by physical/mechanical extraction methods.

After extraction our Raw Kokum Butter is than filtered to remove kernel particles and impurities. Among of the great things about Kokum butter is that despite of being raw unrefined, it has almost no scent.

Using physical/mechanical method the Kokum fruits yield around 25% of Kokum butter while the chemical/solvent extraction the seeds yield around 44%. Hence, chemically refined Kokum butter is cheaper.

Most of commercially sold Kokum butter is solvent extracted, chemically refined, neutralized, bleached, deodorized and often modified with the help of chemicals and solvents, therefore traces of chemicals and solvents do remain in the refined Kokum butter.

Raw Kokum butter has been used traditionally in India to soften, nourish the skin, softening lines and wrinkles by restoring elasticity, and improving the ability of the skin to retain moisture. 

It is a nutritive, astringent and emollient butter,  rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E and, glory, Kokum Butter is a non-comodegenic butter. Its high melting point can replace the beeswax in balms and ointments with its fully antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to heal skin ulcerations.

We made some tests with our unrefined Kokum butter before selling it and here it is we have found so far:

***Kokum butter is a “dry butter” - with melting point of 39/40 C (98.6 °F/104°F), has a chalk like texture and, contrary of what is said everywhere, it does NOT melts readily on contact with the skin like Cupuaçu, cocoa butter or Shea butter.

***If rubbed directly to the skin, the butter crumbles. It does not melt and glide, therefore it is not faster absorbed by the skin, and definitely it is not a butter that can be use by itself directly to the skin as you can do with a softer butter such Cupuaçu butter-like;

***Products made with high percentage of Kokum butter plus soft oils,  leave behind a lovely matte soft finish on the skin;

****It is very stable due to its high content of  Stearic acid (close to 60%), a high melting point, and blends wonderfully with soft to medium soft oils. It is a great addition to lipsticks if you want to use less or none animal ingredient such beeswax.

***You can easily make a gorgeous body balm using 50/50 soft oils/Kokum butter and some drops of EO. It will not melt easily in hot temperatures and the final texture is absolutely gorgeous smooth and silky;  

***It helps wonders in replacing Stearic acid as the emulsifier in a formulation with the advantage of being not just a filler (like Stearic acid is), but an active ingredient in your formula that actually replaces the emulsifier and improve stability with a lovely luscious silky texture and is good for the skin;

***It is a wonderful ingredient to add to face creams, giving that lovely matte fishing.

***It is wonderful for creams, balms, lotions for sensitive acne prone skin; 

***Unrefined Kokum butter has a chalk like texture, softer than refined Kokum butter  light to medium brown color, and melts at high temperature.

We still are very exited to discover more about this unrefined Kokum butter and we'll post some comments here when it happens (:

So, enjoy the pure unrefined Kokum butter with all its Mother Nature healing power.

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