Culinary Oils

For caring our bodies from inside out we are pleased to introduce our culinary oils. Rich in flavors these pure high quality oils are manufactured by Scientific and Production Company in Ukraine that develops and manufactures products aimed to improving health and quality of life using the very natural approach.

Thanks to pleasant and saturated taste these oil widely used in cookery as seasoning for salads, cold dishes, sandwiches and should not be heated to over 120F as the heat  make the oil to lose its useful properties.

Delicious and healthy are salads with variety of vegetables seasoned with natural unrefined vegetable oils rich in Omega-3 complex should always be part of our diet. They are of great importance for full-value nutrition and at the same time have healing and health-improving functions.

For yourself or as thoughtful gift for the foodie in your life. Two to introduce.  More on the way. Enjoy.
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