Cosmetic Bases

We started with our creams/lotions and we are adding new items to help you increase your line with bases formulated with our unprocessed raw, organic ingredients that you require for a healthier, safer and most effective product to your clients with a minimum effort.

With just a few whole ingredients, but high concentrations/ratios to deliver intense, fast and effective results to the skin, these cream bases will be the new best addition to your product line with a minimum effort. 

Our  luxuriously creamy, silky and extremely fast absorbed, cream bases are specifically developed for deeply nourishing, moisturizing and recover healthy texture to aged skin with lines and wrinkles, helping to even skin tone and repair sun damage. 

All our  bases are available in sample sizes, so you can try them and run a trial batch to see it any of them fulfill your needs, before purchasing larger quantities  as we possible can not guarantee that your additional ingredients will not destabilize the base.

The face cream/lotions bases  are full of ingredients with soothing, balancing and calming properties to help sensitive skin heal itself.  With a  pH of  5.0 - 6.0 they are either ready to use as-is or to be converted into your very own product line in just a few easy steps. 

Our  bases are made exclusively organic cultivated and or wild-harvested unrefined ingredients, which do hold all the therapeutic properties as found on the plants the ingredients are extracted from. No synthetic  colors/dyes, “plant origin” fillers,  stabilizers, chemical ingredients. Period. 

Our own developed Emulsifying System holds optimum emulsion stability without separating and acts as one of the functional/active ingredients in our formula delivering therapeutic benefits to the skin. Our formulas are preserved using plants extracts and essential oils, which also act as a benefit for the skin, gives up to 12 months shelf life to the product.

Every ingredient addition reacts in different ways, and unfortunately we can test every single one. Our cream bases are developed and tested  to be scented ONLY with the use of essential oils. If you intend to use synthetic fragrances, please make a test before tying in a larger batch.

All of our bases are tested to securely hold the addition of plant oils/fixed oils and essential oils at a maximum of 2% with mostly OUR PURE ESSENTIAL OILS BLENDS and the most common single essential oils.  These bases were not tested with the addition of Synthetics  oils/fragrances, so please mare sure to always make a small test and observe and take several notes for 1-2 weeks  to ensure your additional ingredient(s)  will not  destabilize the emulsification system. 

Please remember,  our cosmetic bases are made using unrefined ingredients, don't have strong synthetic emulsifiers/thickeners/stabilizers  therefore, their behavior is unpredictable when other ingredients are added,  as well as temperature variations and finished in large scale. We recommend adding your ingredient(s) as recommended and in a batch no larger than 2 gallons at a time. 

Although our cosmetic bases can be used as-is, they were formulated taking into consideration that up to 2% of the total volume would be some other ingredient(s) to be incorporated by the customer  when finishing the product,  therefore the visual as well sensory properties will change accordingly with the ingredients you add. 

Due to the nature of all products we sell, we are unable to accept returns, so make sure to get samples of the product for a batch test. All our cream/cosmetic bases in sizes 1/2 gallon and over will be followed of MSDS, CoA was well  procedures to help you during your tests. Samples will be shipped along with fishing guidelines.

We are here ready to answer any questions you may have concerning to  any of our cosmetic base since the ingredients we use to how to handling them. Please, do not be shy. Just call us at (626) 3195707  or email us at