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Until not so long ago women used to make their own beauty treats from fresh plants, not because they were conscious of the danger of chemicals and alike, but because it was all what they knew and could have for pampering and treating their skin and hair.

Having been working more than 30 years in the food and cosmetic industry as chemist, analyst & formulator, being the last 9 years working for the Natural Cosmetic Industry, gave me the opportunity to learn the extraordinary power of natural healing ingredients, which led me to later become a Certified Herbalist and Skin Care Specialist.

From of the lush green forests of Chile to the Brazilian Amazon, from Africa to India, Japan, China and Madagascar my job put me in contact with the most exotic and healing ingredients from all over the globe, used by local population either as a nutritious food source, as well as for healing the body and the spirit.

Celebration Vitae - which are the Latin words for Celebration of Life – was founded with the commitment to bring you simple, safe and yet powerfully effective handmade body, bath and skin care products using these wholesome, raw, safe, and pure, nutrients rich ingredients as well as to make them available for you, artisan like us,  to create your own line of wholesome healing, effective and safe skin/bath/spa products.

We do use in our own products and sell only unrefined, unprocessed, raw ingredients because it is proven to preserve all the healing benefits of the fresh plant. We do use only organically grown/wild-harvested plant material which has never been in contact with chemical of any means, from harvesting to bottle. We do not use chemicals either as preservatives or lab made, synthetic perfume/fragrance.

Our handmade products are scented using either therapeutic grade essential oils or our own proprietary blend of infused botanicals, such roots, flowers, fruits and leaves.

We do purchase our ingredients in small quantity, directly from small producers and cooperatives, preferentially from cooperatives organized for empowering women all over the world to improve women’s social and economic capacities. Besides getting the freshest and unmodified ingredients we can, it is also our way to support and promote the practice of Fair Trade, because we truly believe we can add more than hope on people's lives.

Our ready for using products are safely preserved using our own developed preservative system, made of a range of plant extracts all known as for their antioxidant properties as well as for its ability to stop the bacteria grown.

To ensure the freshness as well as an optimum shelf life of one year without chemical preservatives, our products are handmade in very small batches, which is also way to get the most beneficial properties of the ingredients used in a formulation.

If you handmade your own body and bath products you will be amazed by  the results  of  making a product with these whole, raw unrefined oils and butters. Adorable textures, bright, live happy colors,  safeness will give to your products the uniqueness and healing properties you customers will forever thank you for the privilege of  using them.

We are constantly researching and discovering new great ingredients for our formulations.  If you would like us to carry an ingredient we still do not carry yet or  if you have any questions or if please contact us at info@celebratiovitae.com

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